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7 Flower DIY Tips

Now that you have received your Adore Flower Kit, what is the next steps?

Here are some flower DIY tips if you are looking for where to start to arrange flowers into a cute table flower design!

Tip 1 - Tools You Might Need

  • A flower container/vase

  • Another water container to put flowers in so they can stay hydrated during DIY

  • Flower food (Included in Adore Flower Kit)

  • Flower foam (Included in Adore Flower Kit)

  • A sharp scissor to cut stems

  • Tapes -layout grid lines if you are using water and a vase with wide opening

  • Green rubber (Included in Adore Flower Kit)

Tip 2 - Choose Water or Flower Foam

  • You can either use flower foam or just water to hydrate your flowers. Below are the Pros and Cons for each:

  • Flower foam can help stabilize your flowers so you can freely design them into whatever way you like! However, it might be more complicated to prepare flower foam and add water during the week.

  • Using water will be more convenient and easier to add or change water during the week. However, this also means that your flowers might not be positioned where you want them and rely on your container opening to stabilize.

Tip 3 - Properly Prepare Flower Foam

  • First cut your flower foam into a size that fits your flower container

  • Prepare a big container with fresh water, add some flower food and mix them well

  • Drop your flower foam into the big container, let it sink naturally. (Do not push your flower foam down to the water, this might cause the middle of the foam to be empty and flowers may not get water)

Tip 4 - Think Before Act

  • First decide a general look you might want to arrange your flowers to

  • What is the overall number of stems you want to use?

  • Which flowers you would like to put in the front as highlight?

Tip 5 - Start With The Main Flowers

  • Start with the main flowers if you are designing on flower foam

  • Put the main flowers in the directions and positions you would like, then fill the space with fillers

  • The main flowers will also basically decide the height of your table flower design

Tip 6 - Measure Stem Before Cut

  • You usually would need to cut your flowers to really short stems when putting them into flower foam or a small vase.

  • Make sure you measure the stem before cut to fit right into your design.

  • Especially if you are using flower foam, without good measure, you might need to put flowers in and out, which will create many holes in the foam.

Tip 7 - Cut Stems at 45° Angel

  • Always cut stems at 45° angel so your flowers can have a larger surface to absorb water

Tip 8 - Refer To Adore Design

  • Check out our blogs to find design posts as inspirations!

  • Follow us on Instagram @adoretableflower to get inspirations from our weekly design photos!

Hope the above tips are helpful to get your started! With more practice, you will form a style of your own and find it easier to create cute designs!

Do not forget to share your design on instagram with #AdoreWhatIJustMade to win free flowers!

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