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8 Essential Flower Care Tips

Once you receive Adore flower kit, other than fully indulging yourself in the joy and excitement of flower DIY, please always remember that Flower care steps are crucial to ensure a good health of your fresh flowers and give them a long vase life!

Here are a few tips to help you take great care of your lovely flowers of the week!

Tip 1 - Remove leaves and Guard Petals

  • Remove leaves that you do not need will help reduce the chances of bacteria grow in vase water and also help your flowers get more water

  • Sometimes you might find your roses with a few petals on the outside that have colors in light green or brown. Those are guard petals helping to protect the flower. You can remove them if you prefer, but leaving them on will not affect the flower life

Tip 2 - Wash stems with running water before cut

  • Wash the stems with running fresh water can clean up any dust that will potentially pollute your vase water

Tip 3 - Always cut stems at 45° angel

  • Cutting them at an angel can help your flowers absorb more water no matter in the vase or flower foam!

Tip 4 - Use flower food in vase or flower foam

  • When using a vase and water to hold flowers, always add flower food in the water to ensure long vase life

  • When using flower foam, always mix flower food with water before you drop the foam to absorb

Tip 5 - Add a drop of bleach

  • Adding a drop of bleach into the water right before putting you flowers in will help inhibit bacteria growth

Tip 6 - Vase water level: 1/3 to 1/2

  • If you are using vase and water, the water level in your vase usually should be at 1/3 to 1/2 of the vase height

Tip 7 - Change water & Cut stems every 2-3 days

  • Change water every 2-3 days and cut flower stems by at least a half inch when changing water to ensure smooth water absorb

  • If you are using flower foam, make sure your foam is wet through the week by adding water when needed

Tip 8 - Keep your flowers away from....

  • Keep you flowers away from any cold or heat sources, bright light, fruit or vegetables

Use the above tips to get started with your flower care journey! We will share some more really soon! Do not forget to share your design on instagram with #AdoreWhatIJustMade to win free flowers!

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