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Working With Flower Foam Basics

Table flower and Centerpieces used to be only present for special events like weddings! Adore really wants to bring the beauty and delight from the presence of fresh table flowers to everyone's home in our everyday life!

Thus, you will usually receive flower foam in your weekly/bi-weekly Adore flower kits, and here are some basics to help you start with flower foam using!

Why Use Flower Foam?

  • Flower foam is a great tool to help stabilize your flowers and create unique design and shapes for a cute table flower!

  • While adding flower food is recommended, flower foam also contains some nutrients to help your flower have a long vase life

How To Cut Flower Foam?

  • A regular table knife would be fairly enough to cut flower foam! Just make sure you measure the size of your flower container before the cut and create a shape that can perfectly fits

Fill Flower Foam With Water

  • This is a crucial step to make sure your flower can be hydrated in the foam

  • Prepare a big container, filled with fresh water with flower food, mix them well

  • Drop your foam in the container and let it sink naturally to absorb as much water as it can! Do not push it down the water, which can cause the middle foam to be empty

5 Tips To Arrange Flower in Flower Foam

  • Do not hesitate to cut your flowers fairly short to fit the container height

  • Flowers and fillers will usually cover the foam completely

  • Think before act! Imagine a general design in your head

  • Start with the main flowers, then fill the empty spaces with fillers

  • Position flowers to be in different heights to create dynamics

  • Insert flowers firmly, make sure they are fully in the foam and can access water

With flower foam, your journey of flower design art is just beginning! The best design and inspirations will come with practice!

Check out our instagram @adoretableflower to find design ideas from our posts or keep track with our blog updates!

Do not forget to share your design on instagram with #AdoreWhatIJustMade to win free flowers!

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